Dear Sir or Madam


We regret to inform you that as of December 13th 2018, the Psychiatric Clinic Rudnik is no longer operating and has been permanently closed. Should you require urgent psychiatric assistance, please contact the Emergency Psychiatric Clinic of the University Psychiatric Clinic Ljubljana (Njegoševa 4, 1000 Ljubljana; Tel. Nr. 01/ 4750 685).


We would also like to inform you that the Psychiatric Clinic Rudnik, d.o.o., has been taken over by the firm Marbl d.o.o., Rudnik II 4, 1000 Ljubljana, which has consequently become the caretaker of medical records. For inquiries regarding the transfer of medical records, feel free to contact us via mail (Marbl d.o.o. / Rudnik II 4 / 1000 Ljubljana / Slovenia) or email (


If you were a patient of the Psychiatric Clinic Rudnik in the past and wish to transfer your medical record to another psychiatrist or institution, we kindly ask that they send us: 1) an official request along with 2) your authorisation (i.e., a signed consent form), based on which we shall then send your original record (not a photocopy!) to your new mental healthcare provider.


Thank you for your understanding and best regards,


Marbl d.o.o. (legal successor of the Psychiatric Clinic Rudnik)